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Normal People Do not understand The Beauty that is in Darkness

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First welcome to our Black Moon Nocturnal community platform on Ning 2.0. We are the Sister community of Black Moon Society on the  3.0 ning platform

Points to  Keep in Mind

  • Each person of Black Moon forms part of the growth, development, and overall success of this community.
  • Each member is a vital  part of  the Community Experience of  ALL here
  • Black Moon  is  more than a network but a place to form lasting  bonds with people from all over, by being respectful, helpful, engaging and sincere.
  • Our  guidelines/bylaws serves to promote not only a positive experience for yourself, but also help other members  have that same positive experience at Black Moon Nocturnal as well.

☽✪☾We  who walk the Hedge of Night& Light,Old and New Ways☽✪☾

We are a Eclectic ,Heathan, Pagan,and Occult, Societiy .  We are a safe place of many paths; Witches, Wiccans,Pagan,Heathans,Occultist,and Mystics.  We are people who are ever engaging, learning, and evolving in our Craft, and paths. We are Teachers, and Seekers.

~All Paths are welcomed ~

✪ Must be at least 20 years of age to join. ✪

We offer various engaging groups from Divination,Witchcraft,Magick,Occult Paganism,Heathanism, Paranormal,Educational,Creativity,Special Interests, Otherkin,

Pasgan Parents, Healing, and Support, Activism, and much more

We have Blogs, anf Forums as well to write and connect,

Our Community chatroom is always open as well.


Age  must be 20 and older  due to  we have some adult content, 

To be Approved

You must have a legit email, and we do check on suspcious names, emails, and IPS.

After Registering 

We appriciate after registering you upload a real pic or an image which best represents you  and or where you are

Safety and security of our members here are our priority

If your agenda is to enter and preach and “Teach” us the truth or the true way, NO thank you please pass on by.


If you are a Funny Fucker  you need not apply

Sorry I do not attempt to be politically correct, 

Funny Fucker defined

  • Spammers,  trolls and Scammers
  • IPS, Profiles,From Nations  such as Nigeria, some China places which are reputed to be known for scammers, and conning. If you wish to be taken seriously then register seriously
  • Funny F–ckers with only numbers and script, and fancy crap No real name.( example;131313@hottiemama/ 1lie666@dumbass etc)
  • Funny F–ckers- falsefying  information, or not giving an answer to a question upon registering.
  • Funny F–kers Flammers,Trolls,Troublemakers If we find you out your banned Your IP /Email, names will be shared with a network of our associated communities. If need be reported also to NING.
  • Funny F–ker-  Adult Babies Sorry we do not provide a playroom nor is this romper room.
  • Funny F–ker- Perceiving and attempting to use this commynity as if we are a dating community, or your own  business- WE ARE NEITHER

We are not about numbers but about quality of community. Again we welcome all paths Thank you for taking time to read this. When you invest money and time in a community you want quality. In todays society some need  things to be very clear and blunt.

     ☽✪☾ We are those  who walk the Hedge of Night ,☽✪☾

✪ Must be at least 20 years of age to join. ✪

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 Black Moon Awards

Black Moon Society Community wards 2015 and  April 2016

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